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While it is safe to assume that there isn’t a single school that has two students handing out sex advice for money, the writers of Sex Education have tried to make the show a lot more relatable and realistic in other ways. The popular Netflix series is primarily focused on school life and there are plenty of elements that the series gets spot on.

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The series has great moments inside the school. From Jackson’s fantastic singing moment to all the girls being kept behind for detention, Sex Education covers some great and thought-provoking topics within those walls. It has allowed fans to truly connect with the series and the characters, but one of the big reasons that happened is because of how realistic many of the school moments are.

10 Distinct Differences In Popularity

Not everybody is popular in school, but Sex Education does a better job than most movies at showing the differences. Sure, there are very popular members of the school, such as Jackson, which is mainly because he’s on the sports team.

However, the people who aren’t as popular, such as Otis, aren’t perceived as loners or sitting on their own. It’s more realistic and he is showcased with a certain group of friends, which is something that is more accurate about how schools work.

9 Starting To Work

Adam Groff working at the shop

It isn’t just schoolwork that students have to deal with when they begin to reach the age that the characters of Sex Education have hit. That’s because there is pressure to begin working as well, trying to earn some money at the same time.

Several characters on the show end up getting a job, with a couple working in the local shop – including Adam and Ola. It’s a relatable situation that a lot of people will understand, trying to get both done at the same time.

8 Embarrassment Of Parents

While there are many great relationships between students and parents shown within Sex Education, there’s no denying that all of the characters end up being embarrassed by them as well. This is particularly highlighted with Otis’s character, who doesn’t want everyone to know what his mother does.

This is something that many students will be able to relate with, as parents simply don’t have the cool factor in order to make people become popular. Every student can appreciate this, and that’s what Otis really showcases.

7 School Bullies

Unfortunately, school bullies are a common factor within any country. Sex Education shines a light on that as well with the character of Adam Groff. He’s not particularly kind to others for the majority of the show, and that is what many people can sadly relate with.

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Similarly, Ruby is another character that can often be seen bullying the other students, including Maeve. However, another accurate situation about bullies that is highlighted within these characters is that people who aren’t kind to others can often have their own problems going on.

6 Teachers Who Want To Be The Students Friends

A biology lesson in Sex Education

Schools always have a lot of different teachers, and some of them end up wanting to create a strong bond with the students. Because of that, they end up going out of their way to appear cool as they try to get on their level as often as possible.

That was the case with Colin Hendricks, as he would do everything in his power to seem like somebody all the students would like. He does his best and at times it can be awkward, but overall, Colin becomes a very popular person with the students.

5 Teachers Who See Potential

Miss Sands

While there are some who try to be friends with the students to create a connection, there are others who are simply just great at their job. Every school has them, with certain teachers working hard to bring the best out of their students.

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In Sex Education, Miss. Sands portrays that type of character brilliantly. She works hard to help everybody, but she is the only teacher who actually sees potential within Maeve, pushing her to the maximum. Most people will be able to relate with that type of teacher.

4 House Parties Are A Big Deal

Otis drunk at his house in Sex Education

Aimee’s house is often the place that ends up hosting all of the parties within Sex Education, which is mainly because she has the biggest place. However, Otis also throws a party too in what becomes a hilarious scene as he ends up getting far too drunk.

This is something that happens for teenagers all over the world, with many students opting to host parties when their parents are away. Giving themselves the chance to have fun and let loose a little, these nights are always a huge deal, and people take them extremely seriously, which is showcased in the series.

3 Parents Can Push Too Far

Every parent always wants what is best for their children, especially during their school years as this is why they can develop and set themselves up for the future. However, sometimes parents can push too far when it comes to this period, and that is highlighted by Jackson’s mothers.

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He’s a talented swimmer, but they push him to his limits at it, to the point where he doesn’t get a break or have the chance to be a proper teenager. Eventually, it all becomes too much for him and they hit a breaking point, but it’s something that most people will be able to understand and appreciate.

2 Love Causes Lots Of Problems

Otis sits on bench in Sex Education

Romance, love, and sex are a big part of the show and while that brings a lot of comedy, it also provides a lot of emotional situations as well. While Otis tries to help as many people as possible, he doesn’t always give the right advice and it leads to plenty of problems coming from them.

Young heartbreak and jealousy are prominent features within this show as each character has their only romantic interest and when they don’t go well, it causes major problems. Things are always over the top when these issues take place, and that’s something that is often common throughout schools, with young love being an issue.

1 Friendship Is Crucial

When it comes to schools, friendships are absolutely crucial, and that’s something that Sex Education gets spot on here. Whether it’s someone who is uber-popular with a large friendship group, or a person with just a couple of friends, it is obvious that having good friends is key.

It’s something that keeps people happy and grounded, and the fallout between Otis and Eric really does highlight the impact that not having friends can have. This is an element that everybody can relate to and is a crucial element of the show itself.

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