Auburn school board president: ‘We all want the same thing’ – Auburn Citizen

Regarding the concerns about getting responses to resident concerns from the board, Phillips said the district will reply back to people who brought concerns forward last week.

“I think that folks should expect responses to all of the myriad issues. That’s our goal, is to be responsive,” he said. “The thing that we have to remember, as a board and community and teachers and parents and support staff and grandparents, is we are all in this together, and our children and our community will do better if we work together.”

“It’s not, ‘You solve this problem.’ It’s, ‘We together will solve the challenges of our community,’ and that’s what we as a board and as a district hope to foster, because we know that with involvement from our community, that we can do amazing things,” Phillips said.

Wellauer, who said she was surprised that not every board member attended the event, said she believes there are a handful of members with “very self-serving political agendas happening,” which she feels is interfering with students’ educational, mental and emotional health.

“We have been pushing and asking on many different levels for them to please begin operating in a respectful, honorable manner that demonstrates respect and integrity. Integrity is what people do behind closed doors. Integrity is how they behave when no one is watching,” she continued.