City school board ratifies new contract with Education Association – The Daily Jeffersonian

The Cambridge City School District Board of Education ratified the collective bargaining agreement between the Cambridge City School District and the Cambridge Education Association at the June meeting. The new contract will be effective July 1, 2021, though June 30, 2023. 

The board also approved:

  • Initial temporary annual appropriations and total available resources in the amount of $432 13,954 for fiscal year 2022 and the annual appropriations of $37,511,335 for fiscal year 2021.
  • An agreement with the East Central Ohio Educational Service Center for the following services: Psychological Services, Career Navigator Services, Student Support Specialist, Managed IT, Behavioral Support Specialist, Curriculum Consultant Service, Speech Language Pathology Service, Educational Aide Service, Instructional Service, Occupational Therapy Service, Physical Therapy Service, Gifted Coordination Service, 21st Century Program Manager, Communications Coordinator Service, Audiology Service, ESY PT & PTA Service, ASL Service, EL Service.
  • A food service management contract with the Nutrition Group and approved Janelle Williams Photography as the official school photographer for the 2021-2022 school year. 
  • Extended service for Laura Carpenetti; approved Marlene Winland, Jill Adams and Paul Kuthy as summer head cooks; approved Becky Smalley, Scott Meredith, Brittany Salami, Garth Charlton, Kensley Taylor, Khloe Taylor and Faun Webb as cooks and transporters for the summer food program; approved Jeremy Wheeler, Mary Ann Price, Marcia Rose, Mary Wetzler, Jan Leeper and Melissa Wheeler as CATS Camp temporary bus/van drivers; and Sally Fields, Scott Meredith, Jay Heady, Mark Stinson, Dave Pollock, Mike Mesarchik, Jay Heady and Tim Gibson as CATS Camp Substitute bus/van drivers. 
  • Unpaid leave of absence for Karin Stinson, Dan Linscott, Kelly Dunning, Tiffany Elston, Tara Sichina, and Linda Carpenter; approved an extended service contract for technology for JP Feldner; approved the seasonal employment of Braxton Wheeler, Caleb Bond, and Sean Perkins; and approved Misty Downerd as building custodian for Cambridge High School, second shift. 
  • Two-year administrative contracts for Jason Bunting, Dan Daugherty, Rose Marie Daymut, Laurie Goggin, Heath Hayes, Robert Mascolino, Perry Walz, April Massey and Danielle Eubanks. 
  • High school advisers Rachel Todd, Dan Linscott, Mike Birkhimer, Kevin Smith, Ann Sherry, JoEllen Perkins, Kyle Winland, Kevin Gunn, Cammi Bunting, Pippa Mikes, Angee Hannon, Tamara Gibson, Rachel Todd, Jan LePage, Melissa Haines, Ricky Harvey, Michelle Haverfield, Ann Sherry, Sadie Williams, JoEllen Perkins
  • Middle school department advisers Kellie Spratt, Kasey Wharton, Christine Dettra, Jennifer Carpenter, Shelby Stillion
  • Angie Hannon and Michelle Johnston extend service to participate in Project Lead the Way teacher training; the resignation of Erin King and Jan Bates; the retirement of Julie Bishop; the hiring of Kyle Pertuset as a substitute teacher; and Jennifer Howell as summer COVID-19 district coordinator.
  • Summer CATS Camp teachers Jodi Neff, William George, Susan Sneddon, Emily Wetherell, Andrea Gander, Joyce Loudin, Darianne Snyder, Jody McGuire, Amanda Swanson, Marlo Taylor, Hailee Engles, Charla Kemp, Cammi Bunting, Alisha Colon and Karlee Bruns; approved Summer CATS Camp aides/tutors Linda Todd, Ada Kunkle, Amanda Hursey, Stephanie Massey, Jan Tedrick, Nettie Hupp; approved Summer CATS Camp Aides-Tutors/Teachers Erica Mikes, Anna Hughes, Abbigail Wood, Breanna Bailey pending appropriate paperwork; approved Jennifer Howell Summer CATS Camp Communicable Disease and Yoga/Mindfulness Trainer. 
  • Summer CATS Camp site coordinators Angie Ferrell, Amelia Orr and Martha Chesler. 
  • Teacher Tim Leppla was hired as the head girls’ basketball coach. Kyle Pertuset was hired as the head boys’ basketball coach. April Giesey will be the head cheer coach at the high school and Mary Giesey as head cheer coach at the Middle School. 

The next meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on July 13 at the Garfield Administrative Center.  

Submitted by the Cambridge City Schools.