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As many parents know, the school search is a never-ending cycle, especially for New York parents. We’re always on the lookout for schools that are pioneering education for our children. With our on-the-go schedules, it’s easy to miss some of the latest in kids’ education. A need to know school is Corlears School. Corlears School is a nonprofit progressive independent school located in Chelsea/West Village. We love Corlears School because they are one of few schools in NYC that focuses exclusively on the early years of education, toddlers through grade 5
Founded in 1968, Corlears School is an exceptional resource in early education. If you’re seeking a school that believes in setting a strong foundation and building confidence early on, then Corlears School is definitely for you. 
Under the leadership of David Egolf, Corlears School stands for its focus on individualized learning. With multi-age classes, your children will benefit from intentional groupings that support your child’s growth and develop their leadership. This means that your kids can learn and grow at their own pace amidst an inclusive and fluid community. At Corlears School, students make their discoveries, empowering them to dive in and explore, solve new problems, and apply their knowledge to real-life experiences. As Head of School, David is committed to advancing the school’s social justice program, which was initiated under his leadership in 2015. In partnership with the Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff, David paved the way for the inaugural role of Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Community Life in 2019.

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