Education center in Mesquite offers free job training for students, grads and unemployed adults – The Dallas Morning News

An education center in Mesquite is offering programs designed for high school students, post-secondary graduates and unemployed and underemployed adults.

The Texas Advancement Center celebrated its grand opening at 2920 Motley Road in Mesquite last weekend, providing free education and job training to qualified adults 17 and older, per the center’s website.

The education center offers a wide range of training courses, including commercial driving, medical billing and coding, cybersecurity, HVAC and electrical skills.

Eligible individuals may include:

  • Parenting or pregnant young adults
  • Young disabled adults
  • Homeless or foster youth
  • Young adults in the juvenile or adult justice system
  • Low-income individuals
  • Family income at or below the HHS Poverty Guidelines within a six-month period
  • Adults receiving TANF, SNAP, SSI, unemployment benefits or other public assistance

For more information, visit the center’s website.