Education for profit – Examiner Enterprise

An editorial column published June 23 in the Examiner-Enterprise, “School choice sets students up for success. Time to make it national”, was written by Jeb Bush, eldest son of President George Herbert Walker Bush, who believes in the old European idea that if your father was king, you should become king too, although sometimes the younger brother takes the job away from you, curses be!

Famously ridiculed by Donald Trump as the “low-energy” candidate, Jeb’s opinion of Trump’s reputation in the building industry can be inferred from the way that when Jeb was Florida’s governor he had Education Commissioner Frank Brogan suddenly fire all the architects who inspected public schools in an odd move toward “school choice.”

Cramped private buildings with no hope of passing inspection, with postage-stamp-sized playgrounds surrounded with penitentiary-style chain-link fencing, were celebrated as the highly profitable private equivalent of public schools in the clever name of “choice.”

Architects are not so easily fooled by Wahabbi fans.

Americans know that separation of church and state is the only way to avoid the wars of religion that plagued Europe for centuries and still plague the Middle East today in friction between Shia and Sunni Islam. The idea of allowing secretive Madrasa-style schooling where terror is admired in the name of God is where “school choice” leads.

Vouchers, the favored method of siphoning public money to privateers, and the rich rewards of political campaign funds paid to “school choice” leaders, explain most of Jeb Bush’s greed and his passion for public deception. He will have to share Florida’s support with Marco Rubio now.

Harry Compton