More voices needed on Special Education Advisory Council – Sonoma Index-Tribune

Sonoma Valley Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC) is opening the doors to new parent, student and educator members who might want to join the council for the 2021-22 school year.

The Sonoma Valley SEAC is a parent-led group in the Sonoma Valley Unified School District that assists the district in identifying needs and supporting the development of policies and practices to meet the needs of all learners. Additionally, the SEAC helps parents understand their rights and responsibilities, increases parental awareness of changes in special education laws, and informs parents of disability resources within the community.

The SEAC meets virtually each month on the third Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m. from August to May, with the exception of March 2022 when the meeting will be held on the fourth Thursday of the month to accommodate Spring Break.

Council members represent the special education site/community segments tied to their seat and communicate information and resources to the council as well as from the council to their community.

The seats open this year include:

● Flowery (one parent seat)

● Sassarini (one parent seat)

● Prestwood (one parent seat)

● Adele Harrison Middle School (one parent seat)

● Sonoma Valley High School (one parent seat)

● Special Day Class (one parent seat)

● DLAC/ELAC (one parent seat)

● Student seat (one high school student seat, student must be a student with an IEP/504 or a sibling of a student with disabilities)

● General education teacher

● Special education teacher

Any parent or student interested in volunteering for one of the available seats can email the Sonoma Valley SEAC at [email protected] with your interest and which seat you would like to hold. The SEAC also accommodates members who wish to share a seat as officials understand that as families with unique needs, this often is a helpful support.

Spanish-speaking parents and students are highly encouraged to volunteer to hold a seat and translation services are provided.