Nonprofit Spotlight: Take Stock in Children Palm Beach County believes education is not just for those who can afford it – Palm Beach Post

What does your organization do?

Take Stock in Children Palm Beach County aids students from economically-distressed families in achieving their higher educational goals — with an eye on the prize: to break out of the poverty cycle that surrounds them.

College scholarships are awarded to students who earn them, by adhering to a goal-focused, consistent contract of agreement, signed by students and parents. Our 98% success rate is achieved with an innovative program of wraparound, supportive services that begin with recruitment in middle schools, launch with the start of high school, and remain in place through college completion with no drop-off services.

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Take Stock in Children Palm Beach County is supported by a dynamic force of volunteer mentors and teachers who work alongside school administrators, counselors, and faculty, and donations from donors and community partners.

How does your agency benefit the community?

We help students evade dropping out of high school and attain a college education by providing one-on-one mentoring, after-school club meetings, college readiness coaching, college retention services, and two-year college scholarships. This year alone, we are awarding 111 scholarships totaling nearly $1 million.

Each student practices model citizenship by signing a contract to stay in school, have good attendance, maintain good grades, meet with their mentor, have good behavior, and stay crime- and drug-free. Year after year, students share their commitment to return to the community that raised them, to set up businesses and raise families.

What is your agency’s focus for the future?

Our ongoing goal is to engage the community to join our solution that meets the challenge of breaking the cycle of poverty with education. Take Stock in Children Palm Beach County impacts the community by bringing limitless opportunity to its young adults, with the gift of education. We remain committed to empowering students to earn college scholarships, experience the reward of dedicated work, and gain wide-open access to a life of success, without poverty.

How can the community help?

Strengthen your community by investing your time as a mentor to support students as a friend and role model throughout their educational journey, or, make a donation to help fund resources critical to student success. For more information, go to


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Mission: To passionately promote self-worth, personal responsibility and academic success for qualified, financially at-risk students throughout Palm Beach County by providing a unique set of resources which includes one-on-one mentoring services, college readiness coaching, college advising, post-secondary retention services, and a guaranteed post-secondary full-tuition college scholarship.

Key programs:

  • Mentoring: Committed volunteers meet one-on-one, each week, with 500 middle- and high-school students in our program. Meeting for a minimum of one-hour sessions, they provide educational, social, and emotional support, and forge relationships that often last a lifetime.
  • College readiness: Coaches meet regularly with students at school, to help navigate the journey to college with academic counseling, collaborative, and social opportunities, to build and strengthen their portfolio each step of the way.
  • Financial assistance: High-school seniors who graduate from Take Stock in Children Palm Beach County’s program receive a guaranteed two-year Florida Prepaid College Scholarship.
  • College retention: Students receive the benefits of long-term guidance and support while transitioning to college-life and earning college diplomas. This gives them an added motivational push with goal-setting and a good confidence-boost when entering the workforce!