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New Products Help Nutrition and Fitness Professionals Diversify and Deepen their Coaching Practice

TORONTO, June 23, 2021 – Precision Nutrition (PN), the world’s largest online nutrition and healthy lifestyle coaching and certification company announces new education certificates, courses, and resources dedicated to advancing the knowledge and careers of nutrition and health coaches. This includes PN Academy, an exclusive advanced education membership reserved only for nutrition professionals and PN’s Advanced Certificates and Specialized Courses, which cover everything from Change Psychology to Dietary Strategies for coaches looking to specialize in niche coaching topics or for people looking to apply a professional-level education to their personal health journey.

PN’s Advanced Certificates and Specialized Courses are cutting-edge education programs that dive deep into specific areas like applied physiology, stress-management, sleep performance, and behavior-change coaching. All materials are developed by both in-house experts and in collaboration with other leading professionals, and based on the latest research and practices in an effort to deliver the least biased, most proven education, with new certificates and courses coming out on a regular basis. Each course is self-paced, available online, and includes 10 to 25 hours of easily digestible insight from Precision Nutrition’s experts, exclusive videos, and never-before-seen coaching tools. The debut certificates and courses include:

Advanced Certificate in Change Psychology: 

Advanced Certificate in Dietary Strategies:

Advanced Certificates can be earned by completing all three of the curated Specialized Courses within an in-demand topic and showcase a coach’s expertise and added credibility, which allows them to serve a broader set of clients and get better results. Next month, Precision Nutrition will be launching the Advanced Certificate in Nutrition Coaching for Athletes. The three Specialized Courses in this Advanced Certificate include “How to Coach an Athlete,” “How to Create Personalized Nutrition Programs for Athletes,” and “How to Solve Common Nutrition Challenges for Athletes.” These courses will provide coaches with a deep-dive into the mindset and physiology of people who move for a living, so they can confidently coach to their clients’ unique demands.

PN Academy is a digital hub for ongoing advanced education, easy-to-digest research, and the only growth-oriented community built exclusively for nutrition coaches. Having launched in November 2020 exclusively to graduates of the Level 1 (L1) Nutrition Certification, Precision Nutrition has now opened membership to PN Academy to all nutrition and health coaching professionals, regardless of where they obtained their nutrition certification or credentials. Included in the membership is:

  • Research Insider: every two weeks, members receive easy-to-read reviews of the most important scientific studies—jam-packed with big-picture takeaways and client-tested advice—to help every coach feel smarter, more confident, and seriously well-informed.
  • PN Inner Circle Community: a Facebook community of expert peers brainstorming solutions to client problems, finding jobs, building important relationships, and providing emotional and social support.
  • Exclusive Tools and Resources: access to never-seen-before assessment tools like custom calculators for a more personalized approach to helping clients, as well as business and marketing tools, and PN’s Expert Insider Webinars.
  • Specialized Courses and Advanced Certificates: access to PN’s Specialized Courses and Advanced Certificates.

“Driven by the curriculum team of PhDs, registered dieticians, nutritionists, and exercise scientists behind the top-rated L1 Nutrition Certification, PN’s Advanced Certificates and Specialized Courses and PN Academy are designed to help our community of coaches become more effective through specialization and increased credibility,” said Timothy Jones, CEO of Precision Nutrition. “These are some of the most innovative products our team has delivered and reinforce Precision Nutrition’s dedication to supporting coaches in their professional growth beyond nutrition to health and fitness, sleep, stress-management, behavior-change psychology, and more to help their clients achieve sustainable results.”

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