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You must have often heard how going to college is essential to succeed in life and establish a worthwhile career. However, this is merely an assumption and entirely incorrect. Attending college or university is not mandatory, and it does not define a person’s future. 

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People who self-educate themselves have the potential to be equally or maybe even more successful than those with college-level degrees. The term self-education is self-explanatory. You educate yourself without external help, like attending a university. People often undermine the idea of self-education because they believe classroom training grooms individuals in the best way possible. Of course, the college provides exposure and valuable knowledge to students. Still, with a bit of effort, people can achieve the same with self-study as well. 

We have several examples of self-made billionaires and highly accomplished individuals who do not have a college degree. Mark Zuckerberg, the social media guru, never completed college and is one of the most successful people today. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple and a media proprietor worth billion, never finished his university degree. The list doesn’t stop here, but the point remains – college is not a necessity for success. 

Let’s talk about how self-education works and what career prospects it carries. 

  1. Publication and Journalism 

You do not need a college-level degree if you wish to become a publicist or a journalist. All you need is training, knowledge about current affairs, and excellent writing and speaking skills. You can consider enrolling yourself in online programs and courses. Thanks to digitalization and rapid technological advancement, learning is no longer only reserved for classrooms. If you want to strengthen and improve your writing skills, join a BA English online program. The best part about these online degrees and programs is that they are cost-effective, flexible, and recognized globally.

Additionally, you can educate yourself about current affairs by reading and watching the news. You can also sign up for free online newsletters, so you won’t have to go through the hassle of purchasing a newspaper every day.

  1. Social media manager 

The social media industry is booming and creating more and more job prospects for individuals. Almost every company/business has a social media presence today. Most of them have hired managers to manage their social media handles strategically. 

A social media manager post requires no qualification except good digital media literacy and strategy-building skills. It’s a lucrative and growing field. As a social media strategist, you run social media accounts for businesses and help companies with brand strategies. You can also work as a brand ambassador if your social media following and response rate are high. 

  1. Freelance writer 

Freelancing is one of the hottest industries today. By definition, freelancing means being self-employed by working for different businesses. Freelance writers write for several media blogs, websites, and company pages. Most freelance writing is anonymous– often referred to as ghostwriting. It is where the writer’s name is not published.

Freelance writing is self-learned and an in-demand career. You do not need a degree or any qualification to become a freelance writer. Self-taught skills and mentorships can do the job. If they are good at their jobs, freelancers can make big bucks. 

  1. Photographer 

Photography is a self-taught skill that could turn into a passion and then a career. Photography is easy to learn, and the best part is that it is always in demand. You need to choose your niche, buy a camera, and get started. You could either be a fashion photographer, product photographer, or wedding photographer. 

Just like every profession mentioned above, photography also doesn’t require any qualification. However, a great way to improve your skills in the field is through mentorship. Try to work under a senior photographer before starting solo. Working with other, more experienced photographers can thoroughly polish your skills and make you more credible. Next, you should build a portfolio to attract clients. 

  1. Programming and data entry

Data entry is one of the most flexible jobs. Many data entry jobs are offered remotely without any prerequisites. You can work at home and earn a handsome sum of money. 

Programming, on the other hand, is a little more complex. You should only opt for a career in programming and coding if you have a serious desire for it. But, thanks to the booming online market, programming and coding are highly in demand these days. You can learn programming through online courses and YouTube tutorials. Going to college isn’t mandatory to become a programmer. Most programmers prefer self-learning over classroom teaching. 

As mentioned before, coding isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It isn’t easy and can be time-consuming as well. However, if you become skilled at it, then you have just secured a future for yourself.

  1. Online Influencer 

Digital media is thriving, and the number of online influencers has skyrocketed. Digital influencers and bloggers have become modern-day celebrities. People blindly follow their suggestions and place their trust in them. 

Becoming an influencer in this day of the social media revolution is a brilliant idea. There is a whole new market for influencers out there. If you can secure a decent following and increase your reach, more brands and companies will be willing to work with you. It’s a well-paid profession if you play your cards right.


Several careers prove that a college education is not needed for one to succeed in life. The list, however, doesn’t stop here. There are also other careers/professions one can pursue after self-educating themselves. You need to figure out what interests you and then start working towards it. Keep looking for courses, volunteer work, and find a mentor. There are no limitations to learning. If you are ambitious enough for something, nothing can stop you. 

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