The Alabama Education Lab launches a free, weekly newsletter –

The Alabama Education Lab has a great way to get smarter about various ways educators and advocates are helping children and schools in the state.

I’m Ruth Serven Smith, the education editor for the Ed Lab. If you haven’t heard about us yet, we’re a new team of journalists at who are looking at the solutions and best practices schools and families are using to help every child get the best education possible.

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Each Wednesday morning, I tackle a problem facing education in the state — and how various folks are working on it. Some recent issues we’ve talked about are LGBTQ student rights, school secessions and the Alabama Literacy Act. Big topics, but I promise I keep the emails short!

We also give readers ways to weigh in on big issues and shape our future coverage, and mention city and county schools developments around the state.

We think that, with your help, we can change the conversation about Alabama education and work together to ensure a bright future for every child in the state. That’s a mission that’s important for parents and students, of course, but also has big impacts on the future of our businesses, neighborhoods, culture and more.

All of the Ed Lab’s stories publish on; you can find them collected here. To learn more about our mission and how to financially support our work, go here or send questions to me at [email protected]