Wisconsin 2030: The education path to prosperity within the decade – Congressman Mike Gallagher

American Enterprise Institute

By: Rep. Mike Gallagher

July 19, 2021

Key Points

  • Wisconsin once led the education reform movement. It will take smart, conservative reforms to get Wisconsin (and states like it) to produce more highly skilled graduates, grow productivity, and protect a culture of hard work and stable families.
  • Wisconsin can become a national model through eight changes: (1) returning to science-backed methods of teaching reading, (2) realigning incentives to keep excellent teachers in the classroom, (3) funding all school choices equitably, (4) intelligently investing in rural broadband, (5) informing parents of school quality during enrollment through a Yelp-like system, (6) shifting school board elections to the general Election Day, (7) modernizing technical colleges and the way students can pay for them, and (8) creating 529 savings accounts for blue-collar apprenticeships.
  • By preparing students well for any career path, four-year degree required or not, states hit hard by demographic and economic decline can find their place in the modern economy.

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