‘We Have Never Gotten A Holiday Bonus’

With the holidays upon us, standard gift-giving operations are in order. Some medical professionals might receive a collective gift from staff whether those doctors offer anything in return (or not). However, Salary.Com states that surgeons, in particular, make upwards of $290,000 to $580,000 per year, not including bonuses. And, while it all depends on the location and area of expertise, it’s nowhere near what their employees take home.

A post made by user “tourettesbitch” on Reddit’s “Antiwork” forum revealed that there’s no holiday bonus at her place of employment, but there is a seemingly mandatory contribution for doctors’ gifts.

“I’m a receptionist in a doctor’s office at a hospital. Not a terrible job, but it’s more so a holdover while I work toward other goals,” she wrote. “It pays $15/hr which I guess is to be expected for this kind of job in Kentucky. Recently I received this email from our manager: ‘It’s time to collect money for buying the four doctors in our office a gift card for their Christmas gift from us. I’m asking for $25 from each of you all for these. Money due to me by Tuesday December 14. Thanks.’”

She said in her two years of working there, they’ve never gotten a holiday bonus, which wasn’t the standard elsewhere she worked.

“At the last doctor’s office I worked at, staff got a holiday bonus, which is pretty standard,” she said. “I know for a fact the manager makes around 80k a year (she oversees more than one office & it’s a big hospital) and the doctors are surgeons, so I can’t imagine they make any less than 200k at a minimum, though I don’t know their exact salaries. So why am I buying these people things? Especially with no holiday bonus. Seems like bullsh*t to me.”

Many people chimed in to commiserate. Some even offered a boss’s perspective on the gift-giving matter.

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“If anything gifts should flow down from management. This is bullshit. I wouldn’t participate,” redeagle11288 wrote.

“As a buisness owner this is the real answer. Gifts should be coming from the top down not the other way around. And if you want to do something small like a half a dozen home made cookies that’s your choice. You shouldn’t be expected to contribute to a gift for the higher ups,” liriodendron1 added.

ablackcatstail said, “When you only earn 15/hr, 25.00 is a lot of money. It’s basically 2 hours of lost money so you can buy your bosses gifts. I would flat out refuse.”

“‘I’m sorry but I’m not in the position to contribute at this time’. The end,” Punkinpry427 added.

The post garnered 21,200 upvotes and more than 2,000 comments at the time of this article.


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